Gimme Five

Recycle Your Bolt® Pod Cups With Preserve Gimme 5

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc. has teamed up with Preserve to collect and recycle the Bolt® pods' plastic cups.

  • COOL

    Bolt® pod is HOT after brewing. Please allow to cool.

  • PEEL

    Carefully peel back tab to separate foil lid and filter from cup.


    Recycle your cup wherever #5 plastics are accepted, or with our help.

#5 plastics may not be recyclable in your community, so please check locally. For more information, click here

Recycle Your Bolt® Pod Cups in 3 Steps

This Preserve mail-back recycling program is for customers who are using the Keurig Bolt® brewing system and do not currently have access to #5 plastic recycling in their community. This program is also available for customers who are using the Keurig Vue® brewing system. At this time, this program is not available for customers in Canada. In addition, the mail-back program does not currently accept K-Cup® pods. For more information on recovering your used K-Cup® pods, please click here.

Learn more about Preserve and our Gimme 5 program

Preserve is a leading maker of 100% recycled household consumer goods. From toothbrushes and razors to plates and cups to food storage containers and cutting boards, Preserve makes their products with the help of recyclers like you. Preserve's Gimme 5 program offers a recycling infrastructure for #5 plastics.